Guns in the US are used up to two million times per year by civilians to thwart a crime.


The media pays little to no attention to these acts of heroism, choosing to instead bring you stories of the misuses of firearms by criminals. We need to get the other side of this out to the general public!


This podcast will bring a different true story weekly, highlighting the most extreme instances of defensive gun usage. Real people, real stories, real firearms.  These stories are vital to get out to the public and protect the Second Amendment!

We need your self defensive stories!

Actively seeking stories to cover on this podcast. Preference will be given to the most intriguing and verifiable stories. Please email them to us below! 

Coming early in 2020!

Working hard to get this up and going. Once ready, I will add a Patreon account and a Paypal account to accept donations. In the mean time, look for us on social media via the links below.